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Collection: Polaris General Tie Rod Kits and Parts

Unrivaled Durability: Heavy-Duty Tie Rod Kits for the Polaris General

Dive into our "General Tie Rod Kits and Parts" collection, hand-picked just for Polaris General enthusiasts like you. Our range boasts custom-length heavy-duty tie rod kits, from the trail-defying SATV +10" lift custom tie rod kits to stock length custom varieties. But that’s not all - elevate your ride with our superior rod ends, steering rack clevises, boots and coins, and misalignment spacers. What sets us apart? It’s not just the parts; it's the promise of excellence. We blend cutting-edge design with relentless durability to ensure that your Polaris General is not only equipped but empowered. So why choose us? Because with our tie rod solutions, you don't just ride; you rule every trail!