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Collection: Can Am OG Maverick Tie Rod Kits and Parts

Unrivaled Durability: Heavy-Duty Tie Rod Kits and Parts for the Can-Am OG Maverick Pioneer

Welcome to our signature "OG Maverick Tie Rod Kits and Parts" collection — a testament to trail-blazing innovation, exclusively curated for Can-Am OG Maverick pioneers. Dive into a spectrum of custom-length, robust tie rod kits: featuring the exceptional heavy-duty SATV 6" lift tie rods and stock length tie rods. With each rod end, boot, coin, and steering bolt, you're touching a piece of engineering artistry shaped for supreme performance. Our tie rod solutions ensure that your Can-Am OG Maverick doesn't just meet the demands of off-road escapades – it defines them. Tread into challenging landscapes with the assurance that you're powered by components that set industry benchmarks. Embark on audacious journeys; we've got your ride armored with excellence.