Custom Length Tie Rods

The heavy duty TCP Racing Tie Rod kit was designed to be a superior upgrade to your existing steering components.  Tie rods are made of 4140 HT SOLID Steel Alloy, CNC machined for accuracy and to eliminate failure from distorted tubes and cracked welds. 

Kits also include HD 5/8 Rod Ends and either our HD Clevis (14mm or 16mm applications) or MEGA Clevis (only available for 16mm applications).  Also comes with tapered steering bolts and mis-alignment spacers.

This option is for a tie rod kit which we do not have listed, this could be for a variety of reasons but typically means we do not currently have the correct measurement for your application.  This option will require us to get in contact with you to determine the proper length and parts required to complete your kit.

For printable instructions on how to measure your tie rods, please Click Here

At TCP Pro Racing, we strive to provide our customers with high-quality products and exceptional service. We understand the importance of accurate measurements when it comes to tie rod lengths to ensure a perfect fit. Therefore, we kindly request that customers provide us with accurate photos and measurements of tie rods for any lengths not already listed. Please take note of the following policy regarding inaccurate or insufficient measurements:

  1. Accuracy of Photos and Measurements: It is the customer's responsibility to provide clear and precise photos along with accurate measurements of the tie rods. We strongly recommend using a reliable measuring tool and following our guidelines for obtaining accurate measurements.

  1. Incorrect Lengths: If we receive inaccurate photos or measurements that result in the wrong length of tie rods being sent, the customer may be subject to a 20% restocking fee. This fee covers the costs associated with processing the return, inspecting the returned product, and restocking the item.

  1. Customer's Shipping Costs: In cases where inaccurate measurements lead to the wrong tie rod length being sent, the customer will be responsible for covering all shipping costs associated with returning the incorrect item to us and receiving the correct replacement.

  1. Return and Exchange Process: Upon receiving the returned tie rods in unused condition, we will process the return, and once the item is in our possession, we will send out the correct tie rods as per the customer's request.

Please note that this policy is in place to ensure that our customers receive the right products and to cover the costs involved in processing returns due to inaccurate measurements. We highly recommend double-checking all measurements before submitting them to us to avoid any inconvenience or additional charges.

How to Measure Tie Rods

In order to get you the correct size bars, we need the following measurement. Just lay out the tie rod assembly (Inner Tie Rod, Clevis, Rod and Rod Ends) and send a photo with a tape measure from the end of the tie rod assembly where the bolt comes out that goes into the steering rack to the middle of the outer rod end (please reference pictures below). Email it to 

If you have any questions feel free to give us a call at 903-504-5521

Description of a Tie Rod Assembly

The picture to the left shows the parts of a tie rod as we describe them. On a TCP tie rod setup, we have a clevis style inner tie rod assembly whereas the SATV assembly uses a ball and socket style.

Measuring the Tie Rod Assembly

Although your tie rod assembly may differ from the pictures and examples we provide, the process is the same. Measure from the end of the inner tie rod assembly, the part that mates to the bar on the steering rack, all the way to the center of the outer rod end.