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Collection: Polaris Ranger NBS Transmission Cases & Parts - Elite R Line

Polaris Ranger NBS Upgrades: Billet Transmission Case & Essential UTV Off-Road Components

Welcome to our exclusive "Elite R" collection, a showcase of premium off-road upgrades tailored for the Polaris Ranger NBS. At the heart of this collection is our state-of-the-art Elite R Billet Transmission Case, meticulously engineered to deliver unrivaled durability and performance. Elevate your UTV off-roading experience with our carefully curated selection of components, including the needle bearing kit, transmission turf mode solenoid delete plug, transmission seal kit, transmission HD bearing kit, transmission SKF bearing kit, and an input shaft shim.


From enhanced bearings to precision-engineered components, our Elite R collection ensures that your Polaris Ranger NBS is ready to conquer any challenge, setting new standards in reliability and strength. Upgrade today and experience the pinnacle of off-road excellence.