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"FULL PULL 5 Snatch Ring" with Bearing for Winching

"FULL PULL 5 Snatch Ring" with Bearing for Winching

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Elevate Your Recovery Operations with the TCP "FULL PULL 5 Snatch Ring" for Efficient and Safe Off-Road Winching

Upgrade your recovery game with TCP's "FULL PULL 5 Snatch Ring." Experience safer, lighter, and more efficient off-road winching. Featuring a 3" sealed ball bearing and 2:1 mechanical advantage for top-notch rigging and recovery. 


    • Material: Solid Aluminum 
    • Outer Diameter: 5.00"
    • Equipped with a 3" OD bearing
    • Bearing Inner Diameter: 1.95"
    • Rope Running Diameter: 0.39" - 0.75"
    • Height: 1.18"
    • Net Weight: 1.0lbs
    • Rated 25,000lbs.(11,339Kg) Monster Rigging Offroad LLC. CERTIFIED breaking strength of 27,600lbs (12,240kg)
    • Lightweight and won’t rattle.
    • Lighter, Smaller, and Safer with no sharp edges
    • Much safer than a traditional snatch block.
    • Keep a couple in your kit for the next time you’re pulling you or someone else out of trouble.


    • 1 x 25,000lbs (11,339Kg)   Snatch Rope Ring