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Collection: Polaris Aftermarket Transmission Cases & Parts - Elite Transmissions Line

Elite Transmissions for Polaris: Billet Cases & Precision Engineered Components for UTV Off-Road Mastery

Welcome to our exclusive "Elite Transmissions" collection, a comprehensive assembly of precision-engineered components meticulously designed to enhance various Polaris fitments. At the heart of this collection, you'll discover our cutting-edge Elite "T", "R", "P", and "X" Aftermarket Billet Transmission Cases, meticulously crafted to redefine durability and performance across a spectrum of UTV off-road adventures. Explore the core of our collection, featuring the essential input shaft shim designed for optimal transmission functionality.


From bolstered transmission cases to meticulously crafted components, the Elite Transmissions collection empowers your Polaris machines to conquer diverse terrains with unwavering assurance. Experience unparalleled strength, reliability, and precision as you elevate the performance of your off-road vehicle. Embark on your off-road journey today with the pinnacle of excellence, exclusively embodied within the Elite Transmissions collection.